April 2017
Artist / Band Name:  GiantJr
Album Name: Walrus
Music Style:  Indie Pop Rock
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: Artspromo@gmail.com​
Website: https://giantjr.bandcamp.com/releases

INDIE Pop ROCK.. Catchy, Cool, Fun...  Loved the vocal and tight musical themes working together like magical partners should.  Check out their site to download their music.  This music just makes you feel good.  Great work Guys!  #GREATMUSIC

March 2018
Artist / Band Name: Hollywood Drunks
Album Name: The Adventure That Went Too Far
Music Style:  Alternative Rock 
Year Released:  2018
Email Address: hollywooddrunks@gmail.com
Website: https://hollywooddrunks.com/

This is Cool.  I really enjoyed the change. Described as a vaudevillian eclectic 3 piece band from Los Angeles, California whose music is a synthesis of different genres including hip hop, pop, rock, glam, reggae, folk, alternative, and the kitchen sink. Yes, I think This Adventure has Gone Too Far.... In a GREAT WAY!!!  Check it out  #GREATMUSIC

May 2018
Artist / Band Name: Ceekay Jones
Album Name: The Introduction Of Mr. Jones
Music Style:  Southern Soul, Urban
Year Released:  2018
Email Address: europe@sliptrickrecords.com​
Website: https://www.ceekayjones.com/

American singer/songwriter Ceekay Jones returns with his new album The Introduction Of Mr. Jones. The album features 8 original tracks and 2 acoustic live studio takes full of intimacy and passion.     #GREATMUSIC

February 2018
Artist / Band Name: Andy Michaels
Album Name: Where are you Now
Music Style:  Adult Contemporary 
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: 7seas@westnet.com.au
​Website: www.andymichaelsmusic.com

Andy is a singer/songwriter from Australia who has been compared with Live, James Blunt, The Script, Cat Stevens, and Neil Young , whilst his arrangements and music are also reminiscent of Cold Play, Maroon 5, Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel.   Check it out  #GREATMUSICType your paragraph here.

March 2017
Artist / Band Name:  Piet Louter
Album Name: The Fair Story
Music Style:  Folk/Pop
Year Released:  2016
Email Address: ​​pietlouter@quicknet.nl​
Website: www.pietlouter.com

Piet Louter is a great artist and has a great story to tell. His honest songs show his love and understanding of the communication power of Music. He has a sensitive and soulful voice that touches you, with songs like "TIME". I'm truly happy that Piet is recording music for the world again. #GREATMUSIC

June 2018
Artist / Band Name: Papa Satch
Album Name: Soulful Intent
Music Style:  Rock
Year Released:  2018
Email Address: BOBSACHNOFF@netzero.com​
Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/papasatch

This is really FRESH Sounding music influenced by the likes of The Beatles & Tom Petty.  Great Vocals and emotional performances draw the listeners into their musical world... and you won't want to leave.   Papa Satch is the guitar driven collaboration of the artists Bob Sachnoff and Steve Ronsen.   Check out the whole album!    #GREATMUSIC

August 2016
Artist / Band Name:  OK ROBOT
Album Name:  What's Your Reason for Existing?
Music Style: Alternative
Year Released:  2016
Email Address:  okrobotband@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/OkRobotBand​
Great contemporary alternative rock,  Well produced with Great female vocals.  Check out the Hard hitting in the pocket sound from OK ROBOT.


May 2017
Artist / Band Name:  Disconnected Genius
Album Name: Nirvikalpa Meow
Music Style:  Alternative Rock - Hypnotic Rock
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: disconnected_genius@hotmail.com​
Website: https://disconnectedgenius.bandcamp.com

HYPNOTIC ROCK...  OK, Now you're getting sleepy.... NO WAY.  This is excitingly Great Cool Music.  I hear influences of Green Day with a unique flair that makes Disconnected Genius Rock all on their own. 

February 2017
Artist / Band Name:  Robert Hunter
Album Name: Afterglow
Music Style:  Indie Rock
Year Released:  2016
Email Address: ​​rhunter34@hotmail.com, irish5@ptd.net
Website: http://www.roberthuntermusic.net/

Great new indie Artist... Great songs, Great Voice & Great Production

He reminds me of the best of so many artists like John Cougar, Counting Crows.....  #GREATMUSIC.

January 2018
Artist / Band Name: Johnny Reed
Music Style:  Rock 
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: johnny@johnnyreed.com
Website: www/johnnyreed.com

Johnny’s music Rocks with emotion, so enigmatic, a Rock anomaly during which there is no eye to follow. “FORTRESS of ONE” is like a Pink Floyd concept album, and it coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles, Sgt. Pepper release.   Check it out  #GREATMUSIC

December 2017
Artist / Band Name: Thrillkiller
Album Name: San Francisco Moto
Music Style:  Rock / POP
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: ThrillkillerMusic@yahoo.com
Website: www.Thrillkiller.net

Pop Rock Thrillkiller is a cool mixture of Pop Rock that stands out in musicianship, songs  and production.  Definitely entertaining rock group that's got something special to show the world... Check them out!


January 2017
Artist / Band Name:  Savannah Philyaw
Album Name: Love Remains
Music Style:  Folk
Year Released:  2016
Email Address: ​​chuck_philyaw@yahoo.com
Website: http://savannahphilyaw.com

Take a really enjoyable down to earth folk journey listening to Savannah's music.  Singing with heart, touching and soothing the soul. 


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October 2016
Artist / Band Name:  The Como Brothers
Album Name: Jam Therapy
Music Style:  Pop/Rock
Year Released:  2016
Email Address: comobrothersband@gmail.com​​
Website: http://www.comobrothersband.com/

Refreshingly Hip... Yes.   Great Sound Production ....very nice... it Jumps right out of the digital grooves.  #GREATMUSIC

October 2017
Artist / Band Name: Jermaine Rand
Album Name: Between Yesterday and Tomorrow
Music Style:  Alternative Soul Rock Acoustic
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: info@theparkelevator.com​
Website: http://www.jermainerand.com

Jermaine has a natural smooth talent that emanates in every song. 

"Soon our day will come"  is a great example.  He has a COOL Silky voice that propels his great songs even higher than anyone else could have done.   #GREATMUSIC 



September 2017
Artist / Band Name: Social Gravy
Album Name: Behind Every Yes
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: Socialgravymusic@gmail.com​
Website: http://www.socialgravymusic.com/

Social Gravy's song "Beautiful" is an organic, honest, heartfelt Rock masterpiece.  Close your eyes and listen for an emotional melodic, open ended journey down an all but forgotten musical path.  

Check out their website for more.   #GREATMUSIC

May  2016
Album Name: The Wicker Word by STRING SOUND
Music Style:  Folk​

This Music is tefreshing, an acoustic guitar playground, relaxing, soothing, emotional ride for anyone.

​* Recommended by MRP  #greatmusic
Website:  https://stringsound.bandcamp.com
Email Address:  NicholasEHorner@gmail.com


August 2017
Artist / Band Name:  Second Echo
Album Name: Innocent
Music Style:  ROCK
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: matkins@tabletoprecordsllc.com​
Website: http://www.tabletoprecordsllc.com/artist/second-echo/

SECOND  ECHO ...  is a Super Groove Group that Rocks like nobody's business.  The title track Innocent is a HIT just waiting to break out. Tight 

Musicians & Vocals on all tracks. Frontman Casey Stickley... says he's influenced by Foo Fighters, and he's taking them head on into the Ring.

Catch this Rock Act now.  #GREATMUSIC.

September 2016
Artist / Band Name:  John Thayer
Album Name: Face to Face
Music Style:  POP
Year Released:  2016
Email Address: johnthayermusic@gmail.com​
Website: http://johnthayermusic.com/
Pop with a depth of emotional  rarely heard... Well produced music with great sounds and vocals.   #GREATMUSIC

July 2017
Artist / Band Name:  Willamena
Album Name: Strong Enough to Last
Music Style:  ROCK
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: lancechendrickson@yahoo.com​
Website: www.willamena.net

Great Sounding Band, Vocals, instruments and production all top notch.  This Nationally-charting indie rock/pop/alt band reminiscent of U2, REM, Tom Petty, etc. Several outlets call Willamena "the hardest working band in Michigan." #GREATMUSIC  

Welcome to

July 2016
Artist / Band Name:  Kukahi Lee
Album Name:  Kukahi

Year Released:  June 2016
Email Address:  makaliiproductions@gmail.com
Website:  www.brandspankingku.com
Cool Provocative Rock... Experimental... NOT from programmed POP formula songs.  Remember original music?  Well  this is how it happens.

November 2017
Artist / Band Name: FALL OF MAN
Album Name: 
Music Style:  Hard Rock / Metal
Year Released:  
Email Address: ebarile63@gmail.com​

Kickin' Hard Rock.. ala RUSH with a powerful frontwoman ERICA, driving the band of Hard Hitting Rock Warriors into battle.  A Solid tight Band with the kind of energy you want to see in concert.  These guys & girl can hold the room and deliver a show that will Rock you like crazy.  #GREATROCk

June  2016

Album: Words of Man by Lord Man

Music Style: World Rock 

This has a Great Vibe, Depth, Exciting, Tastefully executed with Mystery, in a Dreamy

​Musical soup.

* Recommended by MRP  #greatmusic
Website:  http://www.lordmanmusic.com

Email Address: gunsmoke45@mac.com

November 2016
Artist / Band Name:  My Demons Galore
Album Name: My Demons Galore EP
Music Style:  Hard Rock, Arena Rock
Year Released:  2016
Email Address: ​​mydemonsgalore@gmail.com​
Website: https://soundcloud.com/my-demons-galore

Well done, adventurous… crossing into uncharted musical arrangements… from Hard Rock to Classical. Freddie Mercury is looking down and smiling from the beyond. Independently Courageous Music lives on.

December 2016
Artist / Band Name:  Helen Perris
Album Name: by Helen Perris
Music Style:  Pop
Year Released:  2016
Email Address: ​​mydemonsgalore@gmail.com​
Website: http://www.helenperrismusic.com/

Helen sings with the emotional impact of Kate Bush and makes a great emotional connection with the listening audience... listen to Helen's Great Songs & Great Vocals.  #GREATMUSIC.

June 2017
Artist / Band Name:  Iron Age Mystics
Album Name: Pride Before The Fall
Music Style:  ROCK
Year Released:  2017
Email Address: atlgroundcontrol@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ironagemystics.com

HOT ROCK Grooves just JUMP off this album like flashes of LIGHTNING!
The songs are great and the super tight players are top notch, Strong vocals Rock this group right into the stratosphere. Thanks for the ROCK!   #GREATMUSIC  

April 2018
Artist / Band Name: Toni Clare
Album Name: Country Home
Music Style:  Country Pop 
Year Released:  2018
Email Address: toniclaremusic15@gmail.com​
Website: http://toniclaremusic.com

Toni is a Singer/songwriter/musician from Madison, Virginia. Her style combines fresh, sweet melodies with an upbeat and catchy performance that make you move to the beats and rhythms of her music. TC's music captures the hearts of teens and adults alike.    #GREATMUSIC

July 2018
Artist / Band Name: Costin
Album Name: Devil Inside of Me
Music Style:  POP/ Rock
Year Released:  2018
Email Address: antenovaselicmusic@gmail.com​
Website: www.antenovaselic.com

Costin is a talented 6 pc, female fronted pop/rock band out of Los Angeles. Costin is the United Nations of all bands with band members coming from all over the world. Starting in Los Angeles to Brazil, Spain, England and even Croatia is represented. I really liked these guys!!   #GREATMUSIC