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*  Chicago, Il USA - JAMMERZINE RADIO & Magazine

Fortress of One on iTunes

4/16/2018 - PORTUGAL ALBUM DEBUT - Mistura Digital on

3/14/ 2018 - "Anything At All" Featured on JAMMERZINE Radio & Magazine

3/10/2018 -  1 hour Radio Special on WMPG FM 90.9 Portland, Maine, USA
3/1/2018 -  interview on
2/18/2018 -  

2/10/2018 - Dr. Rock & the Medicine Show 6 Johnny Reed Album 4hr. Music Marathon

2/1/2018  - Featured Artist of the Month TSCN.TV SAMCAST NETWORK- Kentucky

1/15/2018 - Featured on SHOWCASE RADIO with host TEZ on the TEZ MESS

12/26/2017  -  Fortress of one BEHIND THE SCENES on RADIO ARCADIA - CANADA

12/25/2017  -  Johnny Reed Christmas Special on RADIO ARCADIA - CANDADA

12/24/2017  -  CANADA: debut of New album on RADIO ARCADIA CANADA

11//11/2017 -  Release of  Johnny's 6th album "FORTRESS OF ONE"

6/25/2017  -  Johnny in studio recording his album "Fortress of One"
3/10/2017 - New Interviewwith Johnny onARTISTPR -  CLICK to Read Interview

9/1//2016  -  Johnny starts recording new album "FORTRESS OF ONE"
8/10/2016 -
4 Hour Special on "Let's Talk About the Music"CLICK to hear the Interview

7/15/2016 -  Heavy Rotation"Is it Success" & "Where is my Guru" on Indie Castle Radio 

6/4/2016 - N.U.A. RADIO Featured Artist Show #22- London England 

5/28/2016 - Johnny Reed Performed at 2016 Empty Chair Memorial
4/14/2016  - Radio Special on

3/15/2016 - 1 hour RADIO SPECIAL #2  - The Eclectica Show with DJ Kiefer - RadioArcadia

3/15/2016 -1 hour RADIO SPECIAL #1 in Toronto, Canada - RadioArcadia

2//15/2016 - The song "PERCEPTIONS" # 1on the INDIE HOT TOP 40

1//26/2016 - The song "Break the Ice" # 3 on the INDIE HOT TOP 40 

1/13/2016  #20 for Pop Rock in USA, CA  N1M NUMBER ONE MUSIC Charts

1/12/2016 - INDIE CASTLE RADIO - South Carolina - "Heavy Rotation"

1/7/2016 - WRPO 93.5FM - Ohio 

1/6/2016 - Major Streams Radio - Rhode Island

1/1/2016 - LETS TALK ABOUT THE MUSIC RADIO - New Year Eve Party Feature

​12/29//2015 - Radio INTERDUAL - California   "Special Featured Artist" - Spanish station

12/01/2015 - ROLLON show UK - DJ Steve Hicks, UK Premiere "Where is my Guru"

11/30/2015 - WMIC FM - Miami, Florida "About You"

11/16/2015 - Music Guru Radio - Pennsylvania, USA Premiere "Where is my Guru"

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NEW MUSIC REVIEW: ITALY March 1, 2018 - Translation:
I am an Italian rock pop expert and fan of good music.  I could not believe someone today could still record music so fresh and positive.  If the name on the record label would be Sir Paul McCartney we would be already all be on our knees.
Ricky Raimondo – CALIFORNIA DREAMING - Italy

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​"You don’t often find a whole album of good time pop rock to listen to these days. Johnny Reed has the knack for coming up with rock solid songs full of catchy melodies and lyrics that will keep you listening from beginning to end! This one man band kinda reminds me of one of my all time favorite artists, Emitt Rhodes. ".

- Music Reviewer- Ron Derosa  -  Rancho Motel

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ACT 2 playing on 274 stations across the USA. ​
#1 on M3 RADIO New York ​3/1/15
#1 on WERU 89.9FM Maine 2/17/15
#3 on KSLU St. Louis, MO 3/23/15
#3 on KMUD Redway, California 3/23/15
#65 on the National Charts Feb, 2015​

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​​​Johnny Reed

MUSIC REVIEW -  August 1, 2017  -  Hollywood2You.TV NEWS

Something New from Johnny Reed... this time he's unleashed the sleeping giant...

We were invited into the studio for a preview...and Yes, this will be his best New Show from Johnny ever ....

MUSIC REVIEW - January 19, 2015 HOT INDIE NEWS - Reviewed by: Ralph White

You've got to admire a self-starter and their DIY approach to their work. If you have enough talent that allows you to avoid the headaches and heartaches of relying and depending on others then why not use it? California rocker Johnny Reed is one of those rare individuals. Instead of wasting time waiting for band mates and fellow musicians to show up for, and oft times miss, rehearsals and recording sessions Reed rolled up his sleeves, picked-up his instruments, hit the "RECORD" button and made ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show.

It's a follow-up to his 2013 release, The Johnny Reed Show. He wrote all the songs, plays all the instruments, and does all the vocals. On ACT 2, his 4th release (all of which appear on his own Music Room Productions label), the self-sufficient Californian penned 12 new tunes about life, love and social issues. And there's not a note in the entire collection that's played by anyone else.

Mostly on the mellow side of rock from beginning to end ACT 2 showcases his solid expertise with both electric as well as acoustic guitars. Eschewing long, flashy solos Johnny emphasizes the textures these stringed instruments offer that allow him to create a varied audio palette from which to paint. His understanding of his guitar's dynamic range is employed much the same way as a graphic artist uses color and shadowing on a canvas.

Reed is also no slouch on the mic. Whether it's the powerfully delivered lead vocals, or the intricate harmonies of the background singing, he accomplishes by himself what it would take multiple members of most bands to achieve. The overall effect of his one man choirs are a delight to the well tuned ear.

When it comes to lyrics Johnny Reed goes for the economy of the line. What he chooses to say he says quite simply, but he says it well. With his melodies he's like an eagle soaring in the sky and you're never quite sure where he's going to land; but when he does it's always in the right place. Perhaps his most valuable asset is the masterful way he marries these heartfelt words with those magical melodies.

A good way for you to find out exactly what I mean would be to check out the album on ReverbNation ( Artists like this deserve our support, so if you like what you hear there then why not pay a visit to iTunes ( where you can download and buy your favorite songs from this mega-talented man. In my opinion it will be well worth your investment. Article Link: 

​MUSIC REVIEW - Sept 9, 2014  Stuart Cheese - Johnny When I see your name now, I know I am going to hear something good. "The Message" was excellent again. You remind me of so many people, but you are also unique... You're definitely quite enigmatic! Many thanks again Regards Stuart Cheese – One Night Stand Studios, UK Link:
​…Enigmatic - full of mystery and difficult to understand...

MUSIC REVIEW - Oct 20, 2014  MARK FINE - "I had an opportunity to listen to Johnny Reed's "The Message" and it thrilled me. The track has both an urgency and immediacy about it that's compelling, but it also has a glow of nostalgia about it that is wonderfully reassuring. As such Reed embraces past masters, yet at the same time creates something fresh and unique. And yes, I very much enjoyed his lively guitar playing." - Mark Fine Music Executive & Author ("The Zebra Affaire") – former Senior Vice President, Special Markets PolyGram / Universal
LINK TO HEAR: "The Message" 

MUSIC REVIEW -  October 29, 2014  RONNIE I - "Act 2: The Johnny Reed Show" is a good time pop rock album full of a variety of catchy songs ranging from power pop to unplugged folk rock to jazzy easy listening tunes.  My favorite song is the the 1st cut on the album , "About You". This song is chock full of great harmonies, cool changes and great hooks! It reminds me a bit of something the Beatles might have done around their "Rubber Soul" period. The unplugged version of this song is real treat too!  Overall "Act 2: The Johnny Reed Show" has a nice flow to it with all the songs coming in with just the right length and feel. Great album to listen to in it's entirety as your cruising down the highway or kicking back at home!  Johnny Reed on ITunes:  .... Cheers, - Ronnie Iacopucci – recording artist/producer

MUSIC REVIEW - September 1, 2014 Hollywood2You.TV Entertainment News "It's Johnny's 3rd CD, a 180 degree turn into POP ROCK MUSIC from his first 2 as RAWK DAWG, a RAW Hard Rock Music group.  If you like P!ink & The Beatles You'll Dig Johnny's creativity...
He plays and sings everything on this CD”  " Think P!nk...  Think McCartney solo album..." - Hollywood2You.TV Entertainment News

Excerpts from the interview with Johnny - 
"This CD was a very personal journey for me...The Songs are about my life... opened for all to see... "Take Another Road" is about my daughter's long life journey...
The "Man in the Moon" talks of my father's passing and his lasting impression...
"Shes the Girl" sings of my wife and my new son Johnny...... other songs speak to phases of my Life & inspiration messages." - Johnny Reed

​​UK 2 HOUR RADIO SPECIAL FEATURE - 2 hour special on Longside Radio,LONDON, England U.K. with Live interview with Johnny Reed. Host Jay Adkins will feature "The Music of Johnny Reed" with music from "Act 2: The Johnny Reed Show" [2014], "The Johnny Reed Show"[2013] in their entirety, with intervews, insights into the songs and how Johnny makes music.  Jay Adkins will also play some cuts from Johnny's RAWK DAWG projects "We Only Came to Rock" and "Rock With An Attitude".